Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Happy Patriot

May 2012: This had to be one of the happiest days of my life -- the day the Tucson chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution inducted me as a new member.

"Are you going to be at the meeting on Saturday?" came a phone call a few days before from the chapter president.
Photos from my past and the tales they tell.
"Yes, of course," I replied.

"Good, because we want to get you inducted." Not doing it then would mean I would have to wait through the summer and get it done in September, and I didn't want to wait.

"I'm going to wear my full uniform," I said. I wouldn't have it any other way. This was a moment I had anticipated for a long time.

I had been a part of their color guard for at least three years, and I had been working on trying to document my patriot ancestry to make it official. I thought I could handle it myself, digging around on and the various genealogical websites. But the more I worked, the more work I found I had to do. I would actually have to write for records, something I wasn't sure I was doing correctly. And I still had a day job.

Fortunately, every chapter has a genealogical specialist who knows how to work the system. In a few weeks' time, we had all the supporting documents we needed to link your servant to a member of the Pennsylvania Militia -- Robert Foresman, who came over from Ireland. I have also learned about a Redcoat in the family, another ancestor who was part of the Continental Army, and a Confederate ancestor. Research on them may come at a future date.

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