Thursday, June 28, 2018

My Aunt, Your Servant, And A Very Long Camera Microphone

Circa July 1976 or 1977: That's my Aunt Susan about to do a man-on-the-street interview with your servant in this frame from one of our home movies.

Photos from my past and the tales they tell.
"Are you taking pictures?" she asks.

My Royal Father, behind the camera, signals yes.

"Well wait a minute!" she laughs. Just as we're about to do the interview, Dad runs out of film. You had to shoot tight on those Super 8 reels; they only held about 3 minutes of footage.

I don't know what she would've asked me, but it doesn't matter. This frame embodies the playfulness of my dear Auntie towards my younger brother and me, especially when we were still little -- playing in my grandparent's backyard, helping wash her car or water the plants out back. (That's not her car in the background. It's my Uncle's.) We did so many things together. Those memories stick. Those are memories every kid deserves to have.

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