Wednesday, January 24, 2018

How Come You Don't Publish "The Lightning Round" Anymore?

Answering the questions people have
asked (or I have asked myself) about
my past, present, or future.
For those of you new to this blog, "The Lightning Round" was my once-a-week news satire feature, where I would take a bunch of odd stories from around the world of the wires and riff on them. I recently went back through some of them and thought, "Wow, this was some cheeky stuff." (Which begs this question, do you know anybody who actually uses the word "cheeky?")
I discontinued the feature -- except for some occasional revivals -- in 2010, feeling I had gone as far as I wanted to go with it. I also thought Facebook and other sites were doing a better job of contributing to the virility of weird news. Still, I miss taking some parody punches every so often. I will be thinking about whether I want to revive some form of "The Lightning Round" in the new year, but it cannot occupy the time and effort it did during previous years, where it was taking more out of my schedule than I really thought it was worth.

Until I make up my mind, you can enjoy the past episodes here.

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