Saturday, January 21, 2017


This series is inspired by the "Words From
Unity" public service announcements
that ran on television (particularly in
Kansas City) in the 1970's and 80's.
"Multitude" is one of those cool Biblical words you rarely see outside the Bible, perhaps because it automatically draws out visions of an angelic host. To use it in any non-Biblical sentence seems sinful, at least to a friend of mine who thinks the term "awesome" should be reserved for GOD and nobody else, including valley girls and surfers.

"Multitude" conjures visions of a warm mob riffing off that great "cloud of witnesses" referenced in Hebrews 12:1. Multitudes don't riot in the streets, but they will sweep the sidewalks and plant trees in the easements. Maybe what we need is more multitude mentality and less mob mentality.

But we're not angels, and we never will be. And "multitude" doesn't carry all the cooler, hipper connotations of "crew," "bros," "homies," "sisters," or "girlfriends."

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