Friday, January 6, 2017


This series is inspired by the "Words From
Unity" public service announcements
that ran on television (particularly in
Kansas City) in the 1970's and 80's.
"I will allow myself one indulgence."

Your servant says that from time to time, taking more of something he enjoys beyond what he usually takes. Maybe it's food. Maybe it's an experience. Sometimes it's dancing.

Several months ago, I started attending an international folk dance group in Tucson at the suggestion of a friend. I had shown off a new Cossack outfit I had sewn and thought I needed a few dancing partners to go with it:

So I joined the group and quickly learned how incompetent my feet can be, especially on the more challenging Eastern European and Greek dances. Even dressing up as the merry Cossack to help frame my mind and heart could not always aid and abet the legs.

Requested dances make up a large portion of each session. However, I have a hard time remembering the non-English names of many dances -- just as I have a hard time dancing. Yet, one stands out as one I can both handle and enjoy: "Johan Pa Snippen" from Sweden.

I have wanted to request it several times, but I saved it and I waited until the week of your servant's birthday in December. We had a small gathering that night, but just enough were on hand to pull it off. I allowed myself that indulgence.

"Don't you ever splurge on anything?" Madame Sherri has asked.

"Well, yes, historic clothing," I point out. But even then, I've had the most fun making fancy garments out of cheap bedsheets.

However, the buttons are fancy silver. I allowed myself that indulgence.

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