Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Drive Home

A look at the songs that have shaped
my life and ended up on my devices.
Some of you may remember a radio format called "Mellow Rock" that popped up in the late 1980's and survived into the mid-1990's. Many stations segued from that into AAA (Adult Album Alternative), a variant of the original. When it came to St. Louis as "The Fox," it quickly earned a car-radio dial button on my battered Chevy Celebrity.

The Fox touted "Quality rock for St. Louis," but I remember it mostly played 70's hits, like "Jackie Blue" by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

I clearly remember hearing this song on a trip home from college in Columbia, Missouri, in the middle of the day, travelling down a sparse stretch of I-70. If there was ever a great road song, this was it.

Two hours to home, with maybe one stop for gas along the way in Kingdom City, home of Ozarkland and the famous McStop (as it was called in 1993).

Mid-Missouri reminds you what green looks like as you cruise through the solitude of farm country and gently rolling hills. Someday, I'll drive it again on a visit back there.

I miss home.

I don't miss the snow, but I miss home.

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