Sunday, January 17, 2016

"Use ONLY On Fabric!"

That's what I suspect should be engraved on more pairs of scissors, but suprisingly, I haven't seen it given how many tailors and seamstresses have expressed more than mild dismay at a tool intended exclusively for fabric ending up cutting other things.

I didn't know this before I started my sewing journey, but cutting paper and fabric with the same pair of scissors is a definite no-no if you want to keep them sharp. The simple explanation: fibers in the paper dull the scissors. Here's a longer discussion.

I have a good pair of Clauss metal scissors, but I've used it to cut paper more than fabric. I haven't tried it with fabric, and I don't want to because I have a rolling cutter that speeds up the job. That cutter, by the way, has only been used on fabric -- not pizza or anything else. It's sharp enough to cut skin, as I have unfortunately learned.

So guys, if you live with a seamstress, consider yourself warned. Or you may consider yourself dead.

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Unknown said...

True, true. I keep my eagle eyeball on anyone using scissors in my house! If anyone asks to use scissors, I always run to get them a pair so that I avoid THEM going to get a pair, for obvious reasons.