Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fit And Trim

I am planning to put gold trim on my new satin coat, but before I do that, I tried it on my red coat. My pieces are gold bias tape and Liquid Stitch from Walmart.

The gold trim easily fits around the buttonholes, which are pretty flimsy to begin with. That's because I had to manually work the automatic buttonhole mechanism on my machine, meaning the density around each one isn't as neat as it should be. However, the trim will not only make it more dashing, it will strengthen the edges.

Working with Liquid Stitch is a lot like working with Elmer's Glue, except you want to clean up your spots and dots of excess before you apply the iron to press it. I tried using a little on each piece, wanting to keep things neat. That didn't hold well enough. Eventually, I found I could slather it on in a way that wouldn't leak uncontrollably. Put it down, clean it up and press with the iron for 30 seconds.

Here's the result. What you can't see are the little spots of glue and leakage I've had to scrub off after they got baked onto the fabric. I had to use rubbing alcohol to get some of them off, and I didn't get everything completely off. It's not perfect, but I hope it looks prettier to you. As expected, it did stiffen up the edge so it's not so flimsy. At a distance, it looks elegant. Up close it looks a little messier. But this is a learning experience.

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