Sunday, January 3, 2016

The First Cut Is The Messiest

Here you see just some of the pieces going into my new fancy ball coat. Cutting these large segments out required a big chunk of an afternoon and a large table. The lighter-colored fabric is for the lining.

What you can't see is all the thread dust and lint left behind in the aftermath of this cutting session. The rolling cutter is hating me, but it beat using a scissors. I still have to cut out the pieces for the matching breeches, which I am hoping will remain a simple project. I have a pattern for a period-correct pair of 1700's fall-front breeches, but the instructions warn quite clearly that it's a time-consuming effort. I see most of my time going into the coat, which will be the most visible part of the look. And a lot of it will cover the breeches, as those coats often did. Therefore, I made an executive decision to go with a simpler breeches pattern from Butterick.

Now comes the task of slowly putting all these pieces together.

Stay tuned...

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