Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Inside Out, You Turn Me

Here's the rough insides of the nearly completed coat after two weekend days of stitching, pressing, agonizing and correcting. My great hope is that all the ugliness you see will neatly disappear into the inside. If it doesn't, or if there's too many catches and flaws and imperfections, I'm not going to be a happy person. The basic procedure is to turn this coat inside out through a small unsewn vent in the middle bottom flaps. I've shown you the outside before, but that was before I attached the inner lining.

Now, let's turn it inside out. I'm holding my breath.

Looking good! I still need to press the seams and tack up the flaps in the back. Of course, it needs buttons, too. But this project is cruising for the winners' circle.

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