Sunday, June 14, 2015

She's My Type

Lady Darley had talked of wanting to type me a letter, but she would continue to retreat to her arching cursive. But then in a letter dated February 13, 1990, she typed it out in a way approximated below. Again, I have only corrected a few grammatical points, albeit much easier than on a typewriter which lacked a correction ribbon.

Hi Chris,

How are you? I'm fine, ///// glad that I'm on my half term break from the slog of school. Before I start this letter let me tell you that I don't really get on with this typewriter as you can probably tell, it's my sister's.
Either I got two letters from Lady Darley before she got my one asking about her Christmas present, or I just plain forgot asking about it, and I asked it again.

Do you have Mars [candy bars] in America? I was going to send you them but my Dad thought you may already have them. He has a sister in Canada and know that they have them.

As far as I know, [your friend from Raytown] is fine. When she last wrote she was worried about her friend Amy. Do you know her? She does appear to have a lot of friends. I'm really the same as you. I have a group of friends as school which I've known since I was in junior school. We get on quite well, but as you can imagine with nine girls hanging around together all the time we do have problems. It's normally between me and somebody because I/ have suc h (SORRY) a fiery temper. A LOT of people don't like me because I say what I think. Often at the wrong times and a little heartless. But it is just me and I apologise if I think I have offended someone. More often than not I have. But my friends know me really and just ignore me. When we leave in May we are taking a picture of us all so I'll send you a copy. I'll probably be hiding at the back determined that I look the worst. Well what can you expect in school uniform. Do you have to wear a uniform? We were asked if we wanted t// wear uniform next year in the six fo/rm. We decided yes because it is easier.
I never had to wear a school uniform, but my common-law Catholic Royal Mother knows all about the young ladies and their rituals with plaid jumpers at the schools where she's taught. The gentlemen had to wear dress slacks and ties. I say they should've split the difference and let the men wear kilts.

But onto the subject now of higher education. I told Lady Darley I'd gotten accepted into the University of Missouri.
CONGRATULATIONS! You must be really pleased to be going to uni. My sister has been accepted to Poly in Sheffield. She's really pleased. What do you want to be when you leave?
Employed. Debt-free.
About my hair. Well if you have ever seen Midnight Caller AMERICAN show about a /////// // radio station. Well my hair is about an inch longer that Deavon's. It's a lot easier to manage now. I'll send you a photo soon.
Here's where I mention all these promised photos never came -- or I just lost them.
On 21 Feb I'm going to the travel agency to find my final price, which includes fare over obviously, insurance flight and medical, bus fare down to Gatwick/Heathrow. Which will probably total 650 pounds, which is roughly $1100. A lot of money to spend if we don't get on, don't you think? If I did come, it would be from about 6 July till about 10 August. Otherwise it would be a VERY expensive holiday. My parents are a little concerned because: A couple of my letter have been returned, they think [your friend] has said I can go but her mother doesn't know. So they have asked me to ask her to get her mother to give the O.K. If I do come I would try and get down to see you. Would there be a train I could catch from Raytown. [Your friend] would have to come as /// WELL for a couple of reasons. My parents would have a fit if they thought I was travelling across U.S.A. on my own. Also I think I would have trouble being understood. My accent really is a lot different from yours, isn't it?
Yes, but My Lady, yours is much more beautiful, even if you speak your mind.
[Your friend] told me that she was playing my tapes to her Dream music or Art Drama class and nobody could impersonate my accent. She said her friends would find it a lot of fun to try and copy it.
I think I told her I liked Paula Abdul. I'm not sure I really did, but I at least wanted to sound at least 50 percent hip.
I'm not really a Paula Abdul type of person. Have you heard Sinead O'Connor's song, I think it's brilliant. I'd love a tape of Phil Collins, do you mean his new album BUT SERIOUSLY?
I had taken my ACT over, trying to get that one point to break in favor for the Bright Flight free ride to Mizzou. It didn't.
Bad luck on your test. But it's not the end of the world, is it?
Nope. And I had other things on my mind as well, like the eyes of ladies in your humble servant's direction.
I see you are attracting hounding girls are you now? How do you feel about this, are you pleased or what? I would be flattered if I was you but a little bit unsure of how to react towards her.
I wasn't sure if the ladies were actually interested with me or simply toying with my emotions. Years of bullying made me suspicious.
Haven't you got your Grammy awards tonight (19)? Well last night was the Best of British awards. Liza Stanfield won Best Female Newcomer, I really like her type of music. Phil Collins won two awards, Best Male Singer and best single for "Another Day In Paradise." Fine Young Cannibals also won but I don't really like them.

Do you have Valentines' Day in America? It's a day when you send cards to the one that you love. I didn't get any but I'm not that bothered because boyfriends aren't a major thing in my life, which my friend [Laurie] finds REALLY unbelievable.
We may have the day in America, but having the actual Valentine is another matter. I hadn't gotten Valentines from outside interests since my elementary school days, where everybody was asked to buy cheap paper cards, sign them, and pass them out to everyone, whether you liked them or not. That kind of changes the name of the day to Compulsion Day.
Have you ever seen "Grease?" Well this was what we planning to do as our next school play. We did Arthur Miller's "View From A Bridge." It was a really big success.

Do you know where you are going on holiday in the summer, if anywhere? You obviously know where I'm going.

By the way, did you know that you didn't send me your article from your school magazine.

Could you please tell me or send me a postcard of Raytown, as my possessive parents want to know what it's like.
Sending the article again would be easy. Sending a postcard of Raytown -- impossible. Lady Darley would have to settle for Kansas City and the big picture.
Write Soon
take care
lots of love
[Lady Darley]
Ah... more kisses. Thank you, My Lady!

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