Monday, June 8, 2015

Moving Away, Growing Apart

In October 1989, my family and I are finally settling into our new house in St. Louis, the one we had planned to move into at least a month ago, before a builders strike pushed everything back and left us renting an apartment for several weeks. Two adults, two kids, and one Brittany Spaniel eked out an existence in a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. The shock of moving and the cramped conditions all left us feeling a little displaced and disillusioned, and the aforementioned dog ate a book. But Lady Darley was there to bring me back to the life I had not completely left behind in Kansas City.
Dear Chris,

How are you, have you moved house to St. Louis yet? I came to the conclusion that you must have because you have not answered any of my letters. But as you can see, I'm writing again, why you may ask? Well, for two reasons. The first is because I thought you may be busy and hadn't had the time to write. The other is, this afternoon I was reading some old letters and you said that the post office would forward, so I hope they may forward this one.

I haven't really got all that much to tell you, not pages and pages of notepaper anyway.

Can you remember I told you about a guy called [Lem] I met on holiday to Italy? Well since I rang him to see if he got back home on August 21st. So really don't you think he is trying to tell me something? He did say that he would come down to see me the weekend after my sister's birthday (September 30/October 1st). He said he would ring first, but of course no telephone call came. At first I was a little upset because well, after all, I really liked him. But now I've come to think about it and came to the conclusion that, maybe it's for the best because maybe we would have grown apart. Perhaps I would have thought he was old and him young to me. Anyway there is always plenty more fish in the sea. Also at the moment I'm not really into boys, if that's the right word. I like a couple of boys but never would I approach one of them. I'm not really in the mood for the hassle that having a boyfriend would bring. Especially with the guys I think are nice. Once going on to my bus, the others in my year, and the other is a brother of a guy I used to go out with. Gee, doesn't that sound terrible, actually writing down that you like 3 people. But really you can like lots of people, but there's only one special person in your life. How are you on that scene, if you don't mind me asking? Well actually a guy who I like is an ex-boyfriend of mine.
Here's where I am on "that scene:" no change. I was barely my second or third day into high school when some guy asked if I was gay because he hadn't seen me conversing with any ladies. Not a week has gone by, much less a "fortnight," as Lady Darley would say, and already I'm pigeonholed. So was my younger brother, who found himself the odd lot with his love of skateboard culture going to a school full of preppies. Repeat after me: life isn't fair.
Well next year [your friend] and I have half-arranged for me to go over. But the major problem is that I don't have enough money. My mum reckons it will cost me about 600 pounds and I only have 320. But if I get even a couple of my stories printed, then I should be on my way to good old U.S.A. Maybe I could come down with [your friend] to see you.

Anyway, I hope everything is all right.

Write soon.

Lots of Love,
[Lady Darley]
In a matter of days, I would get my act together and finally reply, sending my new address and details on my new life.

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