Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Quick One

More than a few weeks passed -- among work, moving to St. Louis, and enjoying a used Amiga computer I had just bought in the summer of 1989 -- that I neglected to write to Lady Darley. But this determined and focused young lady would not be content with my silence, as she demonstrated in this short letter from August 21, 1989, shortly before we packed up for the other side of the Show-Me State:


A couple of days ago I was wondering why you hadn't written to me, and I came up with the conclusion that you have moved house. So if this letter ever gets to you it will be a miracle. But never mind, I'll write a couple of things down.

You know I told you about [Lem], well he was here last week. That was the 19th and 20th of August. It wasn't romantic, we were just like best mates but I'm afraid to say I still really like him a heck of a lot. I still think he feels I'm too young for him, but I feel that age isn't a problem. It's only the way people feel about it. If you treat it as a major problem, then it will be. I would be prepared to work around it.

Did you get my postcard from Austria via [your friend]? Sorry I couldn't send it to you, but I hadn't got your address with me.

Sorry it's so short.

Write soon.

[Lady Darley]
To recap, Lady Darley is 15. She hasn't disclosed the age of her would-be boyfriend. And why should she? It doesn't matter to her. What's that saying about love and war?

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