Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Note Before The Holidays

November 1989 found us hitting the road to celebrate Thanksgiving, back in Kansas City with the rest of the relatives. A short letter from Lady Darley arrived dated the 24th, with what should have been an enlightening word for your humble servant inside the envelope:

Dear Chris,

This really is only a little short letter. I just want to write to tell you that I sent your Christmas present this morning. The problem is my mum sent it by sea so it will be quite a while before you receive it. But when you do please write and tell me the arrival date. I also sent you a postcard or should I say Christmas Card.

My exams start in 3 days time. I've got two weeks of them. So before you hear from me again, I should imagine that it will be very near Christmas.

So that's all. I hope you receive them soon.

If I don't hear from you soon,

[Lady Darley]

If I don't hear from you soon: Have a happy Christmas and New Year!
I recall she sent me two bars of chocolate. British "Zero" bars, made with English chocolate from Cadbury, years before Hershey's siphoned it up. I sent her another picture in a small pretty frame.

I would not hear from her again until the calendar rolled over to 1990.

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