Sunday, June 21, 2015

Coming To America

On the 22nd of June, 1990, I'm getting used to my new summer job at Six Flags Over Mid-America (documented here last June). Lady Darley, meanwhile, has just celebrated her 16th birthday and is gearing up for her big trip to America.
Dear Chris,

I thought I write you a letter now because it was my last exam yesterday. And I'm quite pleased that I don't have to revise for at least three to four hours each day. The days went really quickly when I was doing three hours of revision in the mornings and one in the afternoon. But I'm pleased that I've finished. I don't think I could have coped with lots of revision for that much longer. I would have gone off my rocker. That's an English expression. But I'm really pleased now!

Well you haven't written since my birthday, so I thought I'd tell you that I had a really great time. I went shopping with my mum and a friend of mine to get some clothes with my birthday money for my holiday. I got three pairs of shorts and three t-shirts, a pair of shoes and a pair of sandals. But I've got to buy another pair of trousers, a skirt or dress and a pair of shoes. Then I should be o.k. I got lots of birthday cards and presents like writing paper, jewelry, necklaces, socks, sweets and lots of nice things.
For my non-birthday work at the age of 18, I'm getting a paycheck from Six Flags and realizing the company can still call me "part time" even though I work close to 40 hours a week because I'm a young seasonal employee. It also means they can pay below minimum wage, and it's legal.
To be totally honest with you I am actually wondering what to write to you about. I think this is because I haven't had any feedback. So, what have you got to tell me? Have you finished school now? I've already told you that I've finished school so there's nothing else to talk about on that subject.
My High School Graduation took place on a stormy Friday night, where the ceremonies were moved indoors because of the rain. I picked up my Salutatorian medal and beamed in my purple gown before a crowd of mostly strangers, except for my family. Some of them were watching the ceremony on closed-circuit TV from an overflow room because the gym couldn't handle the numbers.
How are you doing on the friend front? Have you ever got a close friend yet? I've told you all about [Laurie]. Yesterday, I went to school. I had my last exam and she was like a different person, not at all like the person I knew. She was loud and really obnoxious. She was really kind of like a different person to who I was best friends with. Do you understand why she upset me when she was really horrible?
I probably understood it then. I know I understand it now. Drawing out of my shell and closer to more people increases the likelihood somebody will burn you along the way. I've seen it happen to one of my best friends. He had to sever ties with another of his best friends who betrayed him on something very personal. A third one he had helped ran off the rails and badmouthed him. I knew both of these people, and now it's like I don't know them at all anymore.
Have you got me another penfriend from one of your friends in St. Louis? I'm not bothered where they live, but I'd love to have a penfriend in Chicago, Los Angeles or San Francisco.
To answer the question, no. And it's a shame. Lady Darley is so hungry for America and Americans, even her trip to this country is not going to be enough. She will need to feed her afterglow with a data stream from other people, preferably young sophisticated ladies who write a lot, unlike your humble servant. Already, she's planning ahead...
I'm coming to America again when I am 18 for three months with a system called Camp America. I'll got into summer camp near to Florida for two months, then I'll got to Florida for about 1 month. Sightseeing, like a typical tourist, with all the other thousands of tourists who go to Florida for sun-drenched holiday. But one thing I don't like is crowded beaches with lots of people crammed together. But I do like the look of Florida, it looks so hot and sunny. It looks so beautiful. But I'm sure that other parts of America are also as beautiful. I would like to go to lots of other places. But I'm sure that one day I'll see all of the places in America that I want to see.

Well, did I tell you when I was coming to America? Well, if I did, then it's just tough luck because I'll have to ring you when I arrive and tell you. It will be easier to do that than say such and such.

Well, write soon
Lots of Love
[Lady Darley]
She's coming. I'm waiting. Will I be working? Or will I be left wanting?

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