Sunday, January 6, 2019

Swish, Swish -- The Peasant Prince Knows Bliss

Continuing our conversation on swish, it takes on a little different meaning when I trade the kilt in for the puffy pants and stockings. This is one of the dances from from the Tuesday night international group I cavort with. I'll let you guess where I am in the line.

A mix of your servant's favourite music
and moves, set to stories and observations.
In this dance from Albania, we all get to hold handkerchiefs and swish a little bit between some simple steps which can still throw my feet. It's a beautiful deception. I can watch oodles of YouTube videos showing dances like this, think I'll have no problem with them, and then when my feet take the floor they knot themselves up.

Somebody said to me, "You have to put your whole body into it." Yeah, but that still doesn't help my feet. I gather my outfits will at least take the ladies eyes away from my missteps. Your servant wagers more than a few peasant ladies would love to dance with an overdressed peasant prince.

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