Friday, January 15, 2016

Ugly Stitches

The second shot at the puffy shirt reveals what many of you sewing purists would consider high heresy. Look... if you dare.

Now let me elaborate. First, I'm still learning. Second, a lot of this ugliness is hidden on the inside. Still, I need to figure out a way to hide gathering better. I pulled it off on the puffy breeches, but in that case, I had some help from one of my sewing mentors.

I've tried to tuck the gathering into the cuff on the inside, but I haven't figured out a way to pin it up neatly, without all the gathering falling apart or something turning crooked. It looks easy when I see it done right and think about reverse-engineering the result, but in practice it's a cruel task. I've become good friends with the seam ripper.

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