Friday, March 5, 2010

Notes From My Desk

A few things I've been meaning to reflect upon...

* It took only one senator -- one -- to hold up a bill extending jobless benefits and highway funding. No supermajority. No filibusters. Just one lone objection from one lone lawmaker until he backed down under pressure from his colleagues on both sides of the aisle. Think of all the bills that could've been killed off by a mere lone objection and weren't. Apparently some shreds of democratic thought and respect for the process still remain in our Senate. Now if only our Senators would go further and kill off their beloved filibuster...

* For everything that went wrong during the Vancouver Olympic Games, the host nation at least walked away with the big prize: Gold in men's hockey. Take nothing away from Team USA -- they played like champs, coming from behind to force overtime. As one of the NBC commentators pointed out, it's not the moments when you're ahead that define you, but those moments when you're behind. So what if it wasn't another Miracle on Ice? As for Team Canada, it needed this victory badly. Badly. When the crowd sang "O Canada!" during the medal ceremony, you could hear it all the way to Nova Scotia. Never let it be said that Canadians don't love their country with the same fervor as we love ours.

* If Avatar wins the Best Picture Oscar over The Hurt Locker or vice versa, let's try our best not to gripe and perpetuate a false culture war between pop movies and art-house cinema. Do you really care whether your favorite films win a shelf full of trophies as long as you can enjoy them more readily than ever before thanks to DVD's, Blu-Ray, and streaming?

* I wish Tucson theaters would get in line with Phoenix and most other major cities by offering more midnight movies on weekends, and not just during the summer and winter blockbuster seasons. I still love taking in a late show on Friday after work.

* Some of you may be wondering why my movie reviews have slowed down to a trickle compared to earlier years here on FrancisPage. Let me just say real life has been more fulfilling... just in case you had not figured that out.

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