Sunday, March 14, 2010

In The Market For Elegance

Dearest Friends of my Dearest Diversion, a dancing companion sent me this clip from the new production of Emma, featuring a dance called "Jenny's Market."

And as a bonus, she also sent a clip of a fine lady and wee lad performing the dance.

Another gentleman in the making! Huzzah!

As you know by now, when I post clips of dances, you can tell another ball is on the way. This one will be my most adventurous yet. I am traveling to Nashville this week to be a part of "The Playford Ball Weekend," sponsored by the Nashville Country Dancers. It is not merely one night, but three days of dancing and dance refinement. Your humble servant senses a great opportunity to improve his skills. And perhaps, just maybe, I might learn a minuet -- a real one, not the improvised one I have danced many times before.

Stay tuned...

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