Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time Marches On

Dearest Dancing Friends, no doubt you know a traditional grand ball like the George Washington Ball starts with a grand march: a stately promenade of couples parading around in pairs, then in a line, then in some other geometrically snaking arrangement. Something like this, as seen during the 2007 Playford to the Present Ball in Pasadena, California:

Many years down the timeline, square dancers picked up on the tradition, as demonstrated at SCVSDA's 49th Jubilee in San Jose, California:

And many a modern-day married couple has decided to continue the tradition at their reception, as wonderfully demonstrated here to the tune of "The Stars And Stripes Forever." If this doesn't put you in both a patriotic and festive mood... I long for you.

Stay in step, my friends!

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