Monday, February 15, 2010

...And All Is Well

Continuing our tribute to the dances of George Washington's time in honour of the upcoming ball celebrated in his tribute, let us examine a number that embodies everything I love about English Country Dancing: grace, beautiful movement and simplicity. I am sure His Excellency loved those attributes as well.

The dance is called "Well Hall," set in 3/4 time. Although not a waltz, it gives one plenty of time to move... or pause between figures and gaze longingly into your partner's eyes.

As I examine the above clip, I give a great cheer to the lad in the kilt... and a bewildered glance to the lass in the poodle skirt.

Anyway, let us see this dance performed in a much grander setting: St. George`s Hall in Liverpool, England:

It is amazing to see so many people dancing in period attire, although I doubt the dances of Washington's time would have seen so many on the dance floor! Then again, we know how much Colonial Virginians enjoyed the dance.

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