Friday, February 19, 2010

Let The Girls Be Handy

Yankee Doodles, Proud Patriots, are you ready?

Are you ready to honour the ladies?

Are you ready to show yourselves gentlemen as well as soldiers?

Are you as skilled with your allemande as you are with a flintlock?

The fair ones are proud of your bravery, your sacrifice, your willingness to defend this new nation, to stand for freedom and liberty, for the rights to peaceably assemble at gatherings such as the George Washington Ball.

The least you can do is let your courage extend to the ballroom floor. We know they have been practicing their steps while you took a stand. But in case you need a few refresher lessons, take a few from the ladies and gentlemen of Tryon Palace, in New Bern, North Carolina:

The National Dames Society can show you all the right moves:

You may also learn a few steps from the ladies of Williamsburg:

The above dance, "Haste To The Wedding," was the first country dance your humble servant learned. It remains one of my favourites. You can probably gather where I learned it.

With a bow, I must part. I shall see you at the ball!

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