Sunday, February 14, 2010

By George, I Think They've Got It!

Dearest friends of the dance, another ball will soon be upon us, one in honour of the Father Of Our Country, George Washington -- victorious general, beloved president, true gentleman, and lively dancer!

So let us pay tribute all this week by taking you on a visual journey through balls celebrated in his honour and the dances popular during his time.

We begin with a tribute to the brave Patriot soldiers under Washington's command: "Away To The Camp!"

Although you do not see it here, note that my dancing companions enjoy tousling each other's hair as they skip around the opposite lines. My ponytail has been yanked more than once by a playful lass.

Just as we pay tribute to the Father of our Country, those who danced in Wasington's time paid tribute to their forefathers in dance. Thus we have a number thought to have been dedicated to Pocahontas, "The Indian Queen."

Here it is again, from another angle:

Keep your shoe buckles polished, friends. More is to come!

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