Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's A Smash

April 4th, 1991: my Senior year in high school is hitting the home stretch, and I'm hearing those of us who are making A's in our classes will get out of taking finals in them. That means I'm going to coast to graduation in all but two courses: English Literature and Composition. I'm taking both of them for college credit and I can't skip the finals in either one of them. Still, it cuts my workload down. Lady Darley, however, does not have such luxury:
Dear Chris,

Hello and how are you? I'm sorry for not writing to you sooner. Or is it just that you haven't been writing to me, isn't it? Are you all right or have you just been busy? I know you have a lot of work on at the moment. So I'm pleased to say that today was my last day till April 23rd. I'm pleased I can tell you!
I probably haven't written, and it was probably because I was up to my neck in school work. Perhaps Lady Darley's latest letter and my latest reply crossed in the mail -- again.
Have you heard from [your Raytown friend]? She has written to me about four times this year. The last time was that we were talking of the things I would do when I went. I will hopefully be flying out on July 9th for 30 days to August 10th. Flying out Virgin Airways. I'm looking forward to coming to America because of many things. I'd like to visit lots of places, make lots of new friends, get suntanned and have a good time.
I hadn't heard from my Raytown friend. I hadn't heard from her at all since I had moved. Come to think of it, I don't even think I wrote her. Shame on me, given everything Lady Darley has been going through surrounding her uncertainties about crossing the pond.
At the moment I've got a bad arm. On Tuesday, two days ago I smashed my wrist on a heavy door. It's swollen up and a bit of it really hurts. It's on the bone. Tomorrow I'm going to the doctors. I don't think I've broken anything because I wouldn't be able to use it, would I. But I'll let you know.

My exams start on May 16th and go through till June 21st. I haven't started my revision yest, but I hope to do about an hour to an hour and a half each day. I want to get some really good marks so I can get into the 6th form.
I just want to preserve my status of Salutatorian, something I've vaulted into after transferring into Eureka Senior High. Looking back, I still can't believe the school let me have that distinction with transfer grades. Somebody had to have gotten knocked out of the box. Perhaps they were resentful. All I can say is I'm sorry, and I never intended to upend anybody.
What are you planning to do in September? Are you going to university or something? I'm going into 6th form but my sister is going to college to study tourism.

Do you like the song by the B-52's Love Shack?

See you,
[Lady Darley]
I'm off to Mizzou in August. As for the B-52's, I like them, but probably not in the way a teenage girl would. I'm still going through my Genesis phase.

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