Sunday, March 2, 2008

Instant Gratification Generation

Dan Zak of the Washington Post hands us the latest dispatch from the Stating-The-Obvious Department:
Entitlement is something that's part of human narcissism. It's an ego thing that transcends generations. When something goes wrong for others, it's their fault. When something goes wrong for us, it's not ours; it's the fault of external forces. We project blame.

This projection often antagonizes a situation. Feeling entitled to something you aren't getting leads to frustration, which leads to bratty behavior and confrontation. Nearly 80 percent of Americans say rudeness -- particularly behind the wheel, on cellphones and in customer service -- should be regarded as a serious national problem, according to a study by the opinion research firm Public Agenda.
And we don't Give Thanks enough, either, to God... or to anybody.
[University of Miami psychology professor Mike McCullough] helped conduct one experiment titled "Counting Blessings Versus Burdens," wherein one group kept a journal of their daily hassles for a period of time while another recorded the times they were grateful. The outcome may be obvious, but it is no less instructive: People who concentrated on hassles were generally miserable; the others were pleased and satisfied.
Surveys have found the Amish among the happiest people on the Earth. It's no surprise.

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