Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sure Beats Having To Hack Your Way In

Both Pima County Republicans and Democrats have been taking blank ballots home before the election for testing purposes. That's a huge no-no according to Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer. She let the county have it in a letter to Board of Supervisors Chairman Richard ElĂ­as, according to the Arizona Daily Star:
"That Pima County would allow such a massive election security breach is itself a shocking development, especially given the recent high-profile efforts by your county to increase voting security," she said in the letter.
The parties say those ballots are clearly marked "Test" to keep them from counting, but Brewer says that doesn't matter. I agree. Nobody should get a chance to take a ballot home and duplicate it for stuffing purposes.

The irony here is that the Democrats are still going rounds in court over allegations of computerized vote fraud in previous Pima County elections. Will they have to investigate themselves next?

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