Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Know It's Here Somewhere!

Not finding everything when you click the "Life & Timelines" and "NYC Diaries" buttons? You should see what you're missing!

We've just fixed some major bug-a-boos. The buttons for "Life & Timelines" and "NYC Diaries" now should be working properly and listing all the content for those items. Because Blogger does not support tagging/categories (for reasons only they know), I have had to hack a solution using Blogger's search function for both of those features. Turns out the hack lasts only so long.

So... Life & Timelines now has its own special -- and better-looking -- page. NYC Diaries should bring up the complete listing of my New York City trip through Technorati. So if you've visited both those areas recently and felt shortchanged, come on back!

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mikemcguff said...

Christopher, please contact me. I would like to interview you for my getting into journalism segment I've been running on my personal blog.