Friday, October 3, 2008

My Right To Bear Arms, Again

Highlights from this morning's visit with the doctor:

* I am healing very quickly, and very well.

* I am now encouraged to start picking up significant weight with my right hand.

"Try 5 pounds, and if that's all right, then go to 10."

"Can I carry a musket again?" I asked, catching my physician mildly off guard. I explained I was a historical re-enactor. "It weighs about 8 pounds."

He gazed towards the ceiling and processed the request for a moment. "Yeah, 8 pounds should be all right."

So I shall be fully armed for the American Heritage Festival in November. HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!

* Physical therapy begins next week. I have great motion in my fingers and palm, but my right thumb still doesn't want to curl all the way. It's gradually increasing its dexterity, but some things could be helped along.

* X-rays show new bone has filled in all the way along my arm (and the plates that hold it). Old bone fragments remain, but they will dissolve away.

* I should be out of my arm brace by mid-November, three months after the break. I will truly have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

I can't say this enough: THANK YOU for all your prayers!


Anonymous said...

My dearest Sir Francis:

My heart is filled with gratitude, thanksgiving, and pure joy at your recovery. God is truly listening to my prayers as I pray for you daily. I will continue my steadfast prayers and my well wishes for you. I am pleased that you will fire your beloved musket again. Many blessed Huzzahs to you and a demure cursty.

Your devoted friend and sister in the Lord,

Mme. Noire

PS. I wish you that you would share a story on how you got your Charleville musket and how you got into the black powder hobby.

Christopher said...

My Dearest Mme. Noire,

I think I have already fulfilled your request! Gone For A Soldier explains how I came to possess a musket and take up arms in defense of our beloved and God-given liberties. If you haven't seen them already, clicking "Life & Timelines" will take you to a collection of many more historical tales!

Once again I bow to you humbly, my lady. It is my sincere desire to share a lively dance with you one of these days, in your honor.

I remain,
In Christ,
Your Humble Servant,

Anonymous said...

My dearest Sir Francis:

Gone For A Soldier is an excellent tale! Thank you for sharing the link! You are a truly gifted writer. Writers, poets and artists, always have my greatest esteem and my highest praise. They filled the world with God's pied beauty. I humbly accept your offer for a lively dance with great pleasure and with a reverent curtsy, my dear sir. May God continue to bless you as always.

Your humble servant and sister in Christ,

Mme. Noire.