Thursday, July 6, 2006

The California Diaries - Day 6: The Long And Winding Road

Dad added some brake fluid to the car this morning before we left Monterey. He figures all those hills and grades in Yosemite probably gave the brakes more of a workout than usual. The brake light was slow to go off, so we took precautions.

This is the second time I’ve cruised with my parents down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). You can see the ocean from dozens of vistas.

The wind is intense... and cold. In some spots I can barely stand up, much less hold the camera steady.

We try to do some store and gallery browsing in Carmel-By-The-Sea, but Dad couldn’t find a place to park. Worse, delivery trucks keep blocking the streets. If only Clint Eastwood, former mayor and former Dirty Harry were still running things here…

And tonight we’re back in Upland, after a long and slightly sunburned day on the road.

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