Sunday, February 22, 2004

Ralph More Democratic Than The Democrats

The man on Democrats' dart boards is running for president again, and predictably, the Dems are whining that he's gonna steal votes, and end up putting Bush back in office.

The nerve of that guy, actually thinking voters should only get to choose between the D's and R's. Terry McAuliffe might as well gripe about the Libertarians. What about all the votes they've gotten from people over the years? Okay, so maybe they didn't take enough to cost somebody an election, but let's look closer at that, shall we?

Ralph Nader did not steal votes. He earned them. A vote for somebody else isn't a mistake, or a throwaway, it's democracy. This whole notion of a wasted, throwaway vote is disgusting to people like me who believe that politics isn't just about winning elections, but standing up to represent those who share common beliefs, goals and concerns. People didn't vote for Ralph Nader in 2000 to screw over Al Gore. He stood for people. He's always stood for people.

So go on Ralph, run. Never mind the gripes from people who want inside-the-box, lightweight, convenient democracy. You won't win, but both major parties will have to work harder. And they simply don't want to.

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