Saturday, June 1, 2019

Dust Off The Trailer

I'm going to start this new session of 30/30 with a trailer for a film I've never seen, as of this writing. However, this is the first movie trailer I ever remember seeing as a kid, so that's why I'm starting here.

A look at the films
that have left a mark on my life.
I was amazed to learn Eat My Dust took only four weeks to shoot and made $5 million against a dirt-cheap $300,000 budget in 1976. It's not surprising though, given that the film is perfect for one of those Saturday nights at the drive-in. It also starred Ron Howard, who was riding high on the success of Happy Days. I have a distinct memory of watching a commercial for this film on the TV in our kitchen, one that Dad carted downstairs from the bedroom everyday until we got a second one.

I am a fan of car chase B-movies, which leads me to another movie I have seen, The Gumball Rally.

I remember first seeing this film on cable TV during a late 1970's -- or was it early 1980's? -- visit to St. Louis, while staying at the Breckenridge Inn. I only remember the opening credits though. I gather it was time for bed -- too much excitement for one night.

Your servant will talk more about films with car chases in them as I go through this month's selections, but I want to give some more honorable mentions to films that didn't quite make the cut.

I saw it on TV in the 1980's, on a Saturday afternoon movie. I haven't been able to find it on cable or DVD since.

Another TV movie, notable because it got Ed McMahon, along with game show hosts Jim Perry and Wink Martindale. And... you can watch the full film above, provided YouTube hasn't pulled it.

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