Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cleansed At The Table

Grandpa Francis wrote out a lot of Communion prayers. Here's one I found on a 3-by-5 card talking about how Communion is a cleansing experience:

OUR FATHER, at this sacred table, we thank you for JESUS CHRIST, the nobility of HIS character, the beauty of HIS spirit, the greatness of HIS mission, and the dedication of HIS life. We are humbled that HE invested HIS very body for our spiritual welfare. As we partake of the bread and wine, cleanse us all that is unworthy and make more complete HIS image in us.

Grandpa took Communion seriously, as should all Christians. The bread and wine remind us that we are cleansed of sin by CHRIST's sacrifice. A lot of you don't get or don't understand a lot of church rituals, but this is a sacrament you should understand -- this and Baptism. It's something that's consistent across all denominations. It's like coming home for Thanksgiving, when we're all at the same table. No matter where we're from, we're part of the Christian family, remembering why we're here and why we're thankful.

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