Sunday, September 26, 2010

The John & Rodney Show With Guest Stars David & Jerry

A few thoughts that crossed my synapses during tonight's Arizona senatorial debate:
  • Will Democratic contender Rodney Glassman's Chuck The Painter be the next Joe The Plumber? More importantly, will anybody track down Chuck?

  • Libertarian David Nolan has a lot of ideas I agree with on limited government. Too bad his party believes in legalizing dope and doesn't believe in political advertising.

  • Jerry Joslyn of the Green Party claims his flat tax proposal will reduce unemployment 20 to 30 percent. I gather that's 20 to 30 percent of the 10 percent figure we're dancing around right now. That only takes the jobless rate to about 7 percent, so he's relying on other things, like reducing inefficiencies and a clean energy program to get the number down into the 5 percent figure. Normally, a lot of people would use tax breaks to stimulate growth, but those wouldn't be around anymore. Good luck getting rid of all those deductions for the rest of us. I expect to see a flat tax about the same time Fidel Castro announces he was just kidding about that whole revolution thing.

  • Did I hear this right? David Nolan compares taxation to theft. Going down the road with that analogy, I don't think our police, firefighters, schools and military would appreciate being an accessory to larceny.

  • John McCain is taking Rodney Glassman's sideswipes in stride. All along you can see him thinking, "Enjoy the moment Rodney. I'm still kicking your tail in the polls."

  • If Glassman loses the election, he's got a great television hosting job out there. Aside from one mis-speak, he has the smoothest delivery of the four.

  • A quick primer on the candidates' border security plans --
    Rodney Glassman: more agents, more drones, more legal immigrant workers
    Jerry Joslyn: just tax 'em all
    David Nolan: just legalize dope
    John McCain: er, are we talking version 1.0 or 2.0?

  • McCain references 2,000 bodies found in the Arizona desert over the past decade. Notice he didn't use the word "headless."

  • Glassman: "Arizonans know the definition of insanity -- doing the same things over and over again, and expecting a different result." I'll let you make up a punchline.

  • Do Libertarians ever consider the social and safety implications of people legally stoned?

  • Glassman says he knows how to talk to people and return phone calls and emails. Good luck handling the onslaught he would face as senator. That's not even counting the hate mail.

  • Nolan to Glassman: where are your specifics? Nolan to McCain: where are your guts?

  • Tonight's homework assignment from David Nolan: read Senate Bill 3081. Maybe I will. Or maybe I won't, just like a real congressman.

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