Sunday, September 26, 2010

Celtic Cowboys And Western Wranglers

The development took a 'lil longer than we reckoned, and the Pony Express was a 'lil slow, but we finally have these daguerreotypes from the Tucson Barn Dance to show ya'll, and we tip our hats to the folks at We Make History fer puttin' it on!

Each one of these were taken by Mr. Cynecki, and they came with some words on the back from our friend Christopher the Missouri River boatman.

That's me with the lady I've invited to the dance, Madame Noire. A kindly lady said that shirt I'm wearin' reminded her matched her family's tartan! I reckon that makes me a Celtic cowboy, or boatman anyhow.

This is the Colonel, leadin' us in the opening procession. It's done just the way those old colonials did it, you know, those fellas with the triangular hats. Anyhow, he wound us all the way around the barn like a cottonmouth through the tall grass.

Don't ya just love what my friend Madame is wearin'? It don't matter what occasion she's going to, she always dresses like the fine lady that she is.

That smile could be seen clear from Kansas City to St. Louis. She'll dance any dance with me, even a Virginia Reel, even though she tells me it wears her out. Madame is too kind to me.

They called me out! During this one dance, the Colonel asked all the gents to step forward an' bow, and I stepped forward and bowed like I was one of those old colonials.

Why jus' tip your hat when you can wave it at someone pretty across the hall?

Madame and I enjoy a little promenade around a great big ring. You notice she has that smile again?

I got to do my gentlemanly duty and promenade some other ladies, too! Aw shucks, the photographer wasn't able to get her face.

Madame and I got to do several waltzes together. I reckon she might have been in the mood for somethin' a little fancier, like one of those colonials again, but we just enjoyed slow dancin' and sharin' some kind words.

I just had to show you this! All these cowboys are chargin' for the ladies shoes! They pick one up and match it to whoever's gonna be their next dancin' partner. It's like Cinderella, only none of these pretty gals turns into a pumpkin after midnight.

We're not sure whether the rest of the photographs Christopher sent were lost in an attack by the Cochise, but we hear tell you can see more daguerreotypes here.

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