Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Highland Memories

As I await the Highland Ball, my thoughts hearken back to the highlands of Flagstaff and last month's Celtic Festival.

Here are the pictures I promised, all of them captured by the gracious and talented Rosemary Woods -- and all Copyright © 2007 by Rosemary Woods.
(Click any picture for a larger view.)

Checking for a spark in the French musket...

We have fire!

Stephen prefers his pistol, especially when it works.

A borrowed bayonet should do the trick....

Maybe not.

At least the lasses are impressed with my bravery.

But don't try anything funny, laddie. Didn't I warn ye they know how to fence?

Le Comte and Le Comtesse, our French allies, show their support -- and fine fashion sense!

And on the left, their humble servant Rose -- who serves us all with her wonderful photographic talents. Huzzah! But what's with that pirate flag?

Oh that explains it. Captain Burgundy takes time away from privateering to lend some (brief) firepower.

Me buckos prefer th' cutlass, but I fancy th' musket.

An' one of th' lot favors... ah... somethin' else.

Ye through carryin' on? We gotta loot th' ale tent!

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