Wednesday, September 6, 2006

"Hi Everyone. I'm Very Happy To Be With You Tonight."

A few thoughts about Katie Couric's CBS Evening News debut:

1) Her delivery was all right, but at times she seemed like she was trying too hard to sound authoritative. But, no surprise, she got better as she moved from harder to softer news.

2) Why did we need new, curvy graphics? Avoidance of straight lines and hard angles is the new black in the broadcast design industry, but as these "supers" (titles used for names and locations) get curvy, they get bigger with a lot of excess curvature. Play it straight, folks.

3) I'm loving Katie's new wrap-around desk monitor. You saw it at the end of one segment when the stock market numbers came up.

4) I miss the correspondent previews from the opening headline segment. I know, I know, more Katie is what they want, but it's nice to let the reporters get a slice of the action off the top.

5) "FreeSpeech" has potential. Morgan Spurlock was wonderful talking about how the political polarization of America is -- in his opinion -- hype.

6) Notice how Katie took some air out of the critics who might grumble about the first pictures of Tom and Katie's baby on the -- ahem -- network news. She flashed back to a 1950's Douglas Edwards segment, where he showed off pictures of newborn royalty from across the pond. (TomKat's baby, by the way, looks like a mutant with all that dark hair -- but that's a blog rant I'll avoid.)

7) If you were watching the closing moments carefully, you noticed Katie quickly crossing her legs after the Wal-Mart sponsor plug ended. CBS News explains what happened:
Couric had ended the broadcast -- or so she thought. A round of applause erupted in the studio, and Couric stood up, throwing her script into the air. She was beaming.

But a second later, she realized the camera would be trained back on her momentarily. She sat back down, everyone hushed, and the closing music rolled with Couric on screen smiling, her notes on the floor.
8) Katie is entertaining suggestions for a sign-off line. What? No "courage?"

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