Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Turn Or Two, Or Three For Thee

You say simplicity is not your forte? Well then, dearest readers, I present you something more adventurous in advance of the George Washington Ball.

Watch as this group dances "Prince William" in a three-couple set.

Do you feel a bit dizzy? I blame you not. I recall many dances which involved numerous turns and swings and circles where I briefly lost my place. Fortunately, the kind ladies were always glad to help me find it again!

I have never danced this particular number. It is one of the most complex dances I have ever seen, something only performed when you have a room full of highly experienced dancers. That highly intricate procession you see at the beginning of the dance is called a Mirror Hey. Just learning a regular hey -- a figure-eight progression involving groups of three or four -- is plenty challenging. Many people, including your humble servant, have trouble with it. Also notice the turning along the diagonals of the set and the casting off around the other dancers.

'Tis beautiful to watch, one must concede. Someday I hope to possess such skill to carry me through such highly detailed merriment without a map.

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