Friday, September 5, 2008

A Few Thoughts After The Last Gavel

Things I'm musing since the end of both party parties:

* Could Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin have filled Viking Stadium as Sen. Barack Obama did at INVESCO field? Given Palin's TV ratings Wednesday night, I'd give it a shot. GOP heavyweights have star power, too.

* You could do both conventions in two days' time by stripping the most of the pep-rally elements, thereby reducing hot-air and gas emissions.

* The rumors about who fathered Palin's youngest child are a libel suit waiting to happen. And for the record, yes, Bristol's out-of-wedlock pregnancy is fair game for the news cycle. The Republicans are a family-values party. But how it came to light -- drug out through dirt-dishing at the Daily Kos -- stinks. One of these days a campaign's gonna sue a blogger and it won't be good for anybody.

* How the heck did Code Pink protesters keep getting into the GOP convention?

* Sen. Joe Biden, repeat after me: "I am the luckiest man on Earth for getting to be Obama's running mate after that ignorant remark I made last year about him being 'the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.'"

* Ironic how Palin disses Obama for being a community organizer while McCain calls on people to serve their country. Guess helping your neighbors isn't service enough.

* Who came up with the idea to put those columns behind Barack Obama? Sophocles? And it's obvious the GOP technicians forgot about Stephen Colbert's green screen challenge during the first few minutes of McCain's speech.

* The peaceful demonstrators in St. Paul ought to march next against the splinter group of rowdies who muffed it up for everybody.

* I couldn't decide on the bigger potential party pooper: Sen. Hillary Clinton for the Dems, or Ron Paul for the GOP. The partisans have to be thanking Heaven every night that neither of them decide to run as independents -- although it might be fun to watch.

* People complaining about the press beating up on Gov. Palin don't seem to mind reporters throwing Hillary under a bus... or for that matter, Amy Goodman. Years of experience in the news biz have convinced me when most people complain about press bias, it's because the press isn't biased in their direction.

* How many guys out there want the Republicans' giant LCD screen for their next Super Bowl bash?

* To all those who complained about Palin's daughter doing the lick-and-stick with the baby's hair: how many times have you done that in public? Come on, be honest.

* I'm still glad I'm not affiliated with either party.

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