Thursday, November 29, 2007

The "Price" Of Fame

My episode of the The Price Is Right has aired. For those of you who missed it, here's some clips.

All clips courtesy CBS/FreemantleMedia/KOLD-TV. No infringement is intended.

ACT I: In which an enthusiastic and surprised Christopher makes the perfect bid and loses a comfortable bed

As I watch this, I keep thinking, Boy do I look like a goofball, waving my hands around like that. Notice that I'm so full of mirth I almost forget to look at the gorgeous model and the camera up for bids. Also notice how I nearly fall on the stairs while running up on stage. C'mon, Christopher, act your age, not your shoe size.

ACT II: In which Christopher gets one spin -- or two -- at redemption.

My brother was mad because I didn't give him a shout-out. We Make History is a historical re-enactment group I'm involved with. And yes, that wheel is a bit heavy, but even a weakling like me can spin it. Notice the edit when I told Drew I was a TV news producer. He told me "I wish you many fires," but obviously, CBS had to cut that crack out when all those homes in Southern California went up in smoke.

ACT III: In which it is disclosed that Christopher receives nothing.

Here is the disclaimer added to the end of the show to trumpet my ineligibility, read by Rich Fields.

EPILOGUE: In which Christopher discusses it all on the Noon newscast.

Drew alluded to it when I spun the big wheel, and my appearance made the "kicker" segment of KOLD News 13 at Noon the day the show aired. Our noon producer was kind enough to let me onto the set for a brief interview.

So there you have it: my national TV debut, bare legs, wild hair and all. The game show message boards have been buzzing about me and my disqualification. Many people have sent me kind words -- and you can guess what the other half said.

I will respond to some of the allegations raised about me in a subsequent post. But to summarize, yes, I had a feeling I might be found ineligible, but I truly believed I was eligible based on what was told to me and what I read.

And no, a subsidiary is not the same as an affiliate. KOLD has a programming contract with CBS. We are not owned or controlled by them, as a subsidiary would be.

For more on my Price Is Right experience, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... "a subsidiary is not the same as an affiliate." [sarcasm]Very impressive logic.[/sarcasm] Too bad CBS can't hire you to do research...