Friday, February 24, 2006

Whoa There... I said WHOA!

We prefer to report the news, not make it.

My station, KOLD, broadcast this year's Tucson Rodeo Parade live. And we also became the lead story when a horse pulling the KOLD parade wagon got spooked and bugged out.

Picture this: a wagon full of reporters and anchors -- along with a few of their children -- careening down the street at what was probably 30 miles per hour... and smashing into the back of the wagon pulling Mayor Bob Walkup and the First Lady. This could've been a disaster. Thankfully, all hizzoner and his wife sustained were a couple of bruises.

And did I mention this was all caught on tape?

Read the story and watch the coverage here.

You have to give an A+ to the drivers handling the buggy. In less experienced hands, that buggy could've gone right into the crowds. I'm still amazed it didn't.

Horses will spook for a lot of reasons. We still don't know why ours did. Perhaps somebody said, "Frau Blucher?"

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