Thursday, January 29, 2015

For Those Who Need And Those Who Have

Last year on 30/30, I presented a collection of prayers offered by my beloved Grandfather Francis as a church leader, as gathered by my Dearest Aunt Susan, who has held onto them for years. Since then, she found a few more of his prayers, and she mailed them to me. Just like the originals, they were jotted down on scraps of paper torn from a notebook or a pad. One is also on the back of a "shopping list" memo. Underneath two of them, my aunt attached sticky notes.

One says, "Christopher, I like this one."

Above, Grandfather Francis writes:
We pray, OUR FATHER, for all who are in trouble; for the sick, the poor, the afflicted, for any good cause. Bless the lonely, those who suffer, weep and struggle alone. Grant that they may find companionship and comfort in THEE. Since every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, we thank THEE sincerely and heartily for the good things we enjoy. May this prayer, O LORD, find acceptance with THEE through JESUS CHRIST, who taught us to pray OUR FATHER..."
The other note says, "This one, too!"
HEAVENLY FATHER, for all THOU hast given and all hast forgiven we thank THEE.

For every gift of nature and thy great salvation through CHRIST, we thank THEE.

For every thing by which THOU hast brought good to our lives, we thank THEE.

For our power of understanding, of loving, of sharing friendships, we thank THEE.

Help us, O FATHER, to live and work with the cheer of a grateful spirit, overcoming all trouble by the patience of hope and the wisdom of love. So may we share the fellowship of all who follow CHRIST. These things we ask in JESUS' name who taught us to pray OUR FATHER..."
Grandfather Francis always knew what was important and who was important, distilling it down to the basics. Many of us don't pray with all the "thees," "thys," and "thous," but your humble servant hopes we get the other parts in. I will if you will.

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