Sunday, May 29, 2011

Civility In Progress

Pleading for civility in politics degrades into a Sisyphean effort, but every now and then I see a wee bit of promise. The National Institute for Civil Discourse, formed in Tucson in the aftermath of the January 8th shootings, is slowly but steadily coming together.

I'm not expecting miracles, even though they've been known to happen. But what bothers me is this: with all that's happening in Tucson, what's going in Washington? Or maybe the question is, what will happen? I'll withhold any further commentary for now.

But next January, as we mark the one-year milestone of the shooting rampage and mourn the dead, I hope I do not have to lament a stalled-out effort and look upon a Washington that hasn't learned anything.


Suzanne. said...

I don't think you quite understand, my dear Christopher. The very existence of "The National Institute for Civil Discourse", formed "in Tucson in the aftermath of the January 8th shootings" is a huge huge HUGE INSULT to the people of Tucson, as well as to the nation, whose plain ordinary discourse had absolutely NOTHING to do with the acts of a court-certified insane madman. The very formation of such an institute is itself a condescending dastardly incivility. I not only hope it never "comes together", but I hope it disbands altogether. There is no need for it.

Christopher said...

My Dearest Suzanne,

While I agree that uncivil discourse DID NOT put a gun in the madman's hands, why would this institute be an insult to the people of Tucson?

I think of Romans 8:28 and Genesis 50:20, which say that GOD will use the worst of times to achieve HIS goals. Satan may be messing things up in the world, but GOD continues to work within all of us to fight this spiritual battle. Why not let GOD use us?

Yes, again, I realize incivility in politics DID NOT CAUSE the January shootings. But if something laudable and noble comes out of it, why should we be working against it... especially when this group is barely starting its work?

We can let GOD use us, or we can turn up our noses and call it pandering to liberals. I'd rather be serving GOD.

Be Blessed!
Your Humble Servant And Friend,