Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Know What You Danced Last Summer

Aye, the Highland Ball is less than a week away! As is tradition, all week I shall treat you to some fine samples of joyous Scottish dance.

For starters, let us head to school -- specifically, the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society summer school from earlier this month in St. Andrews. Here you see a demonstration team show off a jig and a strathspey:

I consider Scottish dancing much more challenging than its English counterpart because of the numerous figures and formations, which are much more complex. I learned that quickly when I tried it myself in May 2009. Often these dances are much more enjoyable to watch than perform, at least for those a wee bit new to it all.

For those who long to hear the sounds of the pipes while cavorting about, here is the MacLennan Scottish Group dancing at the 2010 Europeade:

Let me reassure you there will be nothing this complicated at the Ball... but it will still be lively!

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