Monday, November 20, 2006

An Historic Weekend

Many of you are here seeking the story and pictures from last weekend's American Heritage Festival. I assure you, that story will come, along with many pictures.

However, the astounding experience of living an entire weekend in the past (save for the trips back to the inn at night) requires many words and time to arrange them. Hopefully, it will not take too long.

To tide you over, I'll include a couple of photos from my friend Mr. Cynecki. Click either one for a close-up.

First, here is your patriotic blogmaster with an 18th Century counterpart:

And here is the entire 18th Century contingent, including mountain men, militia, Spanish allies (in the blue uniforms) and a few redcoats.

More to come...

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marycelery said...


It was a pleasure to meet you at the American Heritage Festival. I enjoyed speaking with you about the We Make History Dances! I will send you my photographs of your company.

Miss Mary of Celery